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About Us

We are a booming start-up in the tech ecosystem, based in Sri Lanka, focusing on providing diverse solutions in information systems, business process re-engineering, Branding and Digital Marketing and E-Business services in both local and international markets.

Our passionate and competent team is keen to bring futuristic and pragmatic solutions that transcend your expectations. We believe our purpose is to upscale the value of ideas of our clients and prospects.

Our solution-oriented strategies support us in gathering the right resources at the right time for the right purpose.

We are a team of


Team Bitzquad has a shared vision to deliver satisfactory tech solutions which create value for our clients and prospects.

The team's cultural diversity, skills, knowledge, sense of work ethics, and ability to think outside the box don't fail to bring unique perspectives to the table to provide viable solutions for your tech needs.

As a team with a clear vision, we value the power of unity, learning and growth, and revelling small steps of the journey ahead.

We elevate your


We elevate your abstract concept into a reality with an agile mindset. And we use the latest technologies and tools to make the products better, reliable, faster, and secure in the rapidly changing technological environment.

Scrum directs team Bitzquad to deliver a high-quality output that ensures the meeting of minds of our clients. We tailor the framework to assure the smooth functioning of the entire project, enhancing our products' efficiency and effectiveness while actively engaging the client throughout the journey. Along with the scrum, we use the following latest technologies and tools to build our products recognized by professionals in the industry:

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SustainabilityBitzquad focuses on providing the services while being conscious of the effect of our products on the ecology, environment and society, which are three pillars of sustainability. We strive to create digital solutions that sustain better conditions for future generations.

AgilityWe aim to persevere with the changes in both internal and external environments and move on quickly with collective decisions.

Customer-Centric CultureBitzquad prioritizes the best processes and practices for our clients and prospects to create a positive and flourishing experience for them.

PassionOur team is a passion-driven team, where we are assertive in the work we are involved in, which empowers us to create tremendous value for the company.

CollaborationAs a team, we value the active participation and inclusiveness of our partners and clients in our projects because it leverages the value of the outcome through their skills, experience and perspectives.

InnovationThe core of the Bitzquad is to differentiate the processes using the latest technologies and tools to make the product's user experience positive and closer to them.